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Health Ranger demonstrates EMP-proof John Deere tractor repair and maintenance (VIDEO)

Saturday, July 08, 2017 by

In the following videos, prepper and survival skills educator Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) walks you through a fuel boot replacement and basic maintenance on an EMP-proof 1970s John Deere tractor.

Because these tractors use no electronics or circuit boards, they are impervious to solar flares or EMP attacks. So knowing how to keep them running is an important preparedness skill. They also run on diesel fuel, which has excellent long-term storage properties that make it far superior to gasoline.

Modern John Deere tractors rely on complex circuitry, computers, GPS and software updates, making them horrible choices for preparedness and survival. These days, John Deere is even asserting a completely insane claim that farmers don’t even own their tractors and are only “licensing” them from Deere, meaning you can’t even use your own tractor without permission from the John Deere company. However, if you can find a Deere tractor from the 1970s with relatively low hours — preferably under 6,000 hours — it makes an outstanding investment for long-term preparedness.

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